Risk Consulting for the Construction Industry

Marsh offers extensive, process-driven strategies and tools designed to manage and monitor risks from a project's earliest stages to the final delivery and commissioning.

Project Risk Evaluation & Framework Services — Marsh services are directed at delivering independent third-party risk evaluations and mitigation strategies for capital projects and project portfolios. Marsh's project delivery risk management framework services are instrumental in assisting clients in meeting the project financial, schedule, and performance requirements of key project stakeholders such as insurers, rating agencies, internal boards, and lenders. Our methodologies and approach center on developing a risk management decision making process and designing a risk control framework to meet or exceed benchmark standards commensurate with world-class organizations.

Project Governance — Projects with tight margins, strict schedules, high risks, and complex reporting requirements limit management's ability to identify and mitigate problems when they occur. Marsh can help by providing the management team with the tools to identify and influence project performance before problems arise.

Project Performance Audits — Marsh helps clients address the challenges bought on by the increased need for transparency in project management, common goals in the review process, and standardization in contractor payment processes. 

Loss Control Marsh can provide risk engineering services, site surveys, health and safety consulting, and insurance claims management.

Supply Chain Marsh provides a complete suite of supply chain risk services, from identifying and mapping risk within the supply chain to identifying and applying solutions (alternative risk strategies) to monitoring threats that affect a client's supply chain.

Crisis Management — Crises or adverse events for construction can include regulatory inquiries, litigation, labor concerns, criminal and fraud investigations, community protests, physical events, and natural disasters. Effective management of crises can mitigate the adverse impact of a crisis, reduce costs to the organization, and offer an opportunity to significantly enhance reputation, brand, human capital, public trust, and shareholder value. Marsh provides crisis management support and expert advice for all phases of an adverse event or crisis.

Business Continuity — By focusing on business interruption risks and developing strategies designed to reduce and mitigate such risks, Marsh helps organizations in their efforts to retain and gain further competitive advantage and safeguard reputation during business disruptive moments.

Mass Tort & Complex Liabilities Allegations surrounding such liabilities can span decades and include "long-tail" exposures involving construction defects, including methods and products, as well as asbestos, silica, environmental contamination, product liability, construction defects, and much more. We help companies obtain and increase insurance recoveries, avoid costly litigation with insurers, and mitigate the financial effects of mass tort and complex liabilities.