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Energy Insurance Training Courses
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2014 dates are now available for Marsh’s Energy Training Courses, which are accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). >>
RiskIQ: Workers’ Compensation Program Benchmarking
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Our workers’ compensation benchmarking report contains a portfolio of metrics, enabling you to identify cost drivers, plan improvements, implement best practices, and increase prof... >>
Captive Domiciles: EMEA
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EMEA Captives DomicilesDublinDubaiLiechtensteinLuxembourgDenmarkSwedenSwitzerlandGuernseyIsle of ManMalta >>
Pam Hobbs and Sue Denecke  and Lynn MacGill  |  Views: 17235 |  Comments: 0 
RiskIQ can help you implement the processes needed to manage your data or risk information systems and help your company meet its risk management objectives. >>
e-Signature Online Enrollment
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Mercer Health & Benefit’s (MEB) enhanced enrollment systemutilizes e-signature functionality, making enrollment easier,faster, and more cost-effective. >>
Transferring Closely Held Business Interests Through Buy-Sell Planning
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Why Plan?Most business owners are sufficiently busy running thebusiness, recruiting and retaining good employees andkeeping customers satisfied. Interestingly enough, timeand atten... >>
Key Person Insights
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Every business has a driver. It might be the owner, or itmight be someone the owner has hired. Many businesseshave multiple people who drive the business to success.It’s at the “Wh... >>
Workforce Strategies
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Marsh Risk Consulting’s consultants support efforts to reduce workers’ compensation loss costs, improve productivity and profitability. >>
Claim Consulting Practice
Charles Martin and David Abbene  and Thomas Ryan  |  Views: 40605 |  Comments: 0 
CCP focuses its claim and program management expertise across the gamut of casualty claims to assist clients in identifying, analyzing, and reducing their exposure, thereby minimiz... >>
Marsh Workers' Comp Council
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The Workers' Compensation Council is made up of approximately 50 Marsh experts spanning our core brokerage, analytics, workforce strategies, and claims operations. >>
Marsh CloudProtect—A Cyber Policy Enhancement
Bob Parisi and Sandy Codding  and Rennie Muzii

Richard Depiero  |  Views: 41872 |  Comments: 1 
Marsh’s CloudProtect is a scalable risk transfer solution customized for each client based on its unique exposures, defined through Marsh’s comprehensive risk analyses. >>
Mining Practice Industry Risk Challenges and Solutions
Andrew J. Chester  |  Views: 40423 |  Comments: 0 
This document outlines the risks and challenges facing Mining companies in the short to medium term. >>
The SAMI Facility
NICK ROSCOE and MARK JONAS  and STEVE ALDRIDGE  |  Views: 37247 |  Comments: 0 
New insurance facility for the Private Maritime Security Company industry. >>
RCO Corporate Response
Jack Flug and Maureen Gorman  |  Views: 59842 |  Comments: 0 
RCO Corporate Response provides insurance coverage for pharmaceutical, life sciences, and health care corporate officers who may be held liable under the Responsible Corporate Offi... >>
Property Risk Consulting
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Marsh Risk Consulting’s Property Risk Consulting Practice provides property risk engineering and loss control identification, assessment, and mitigation consulting solutions. >>
Strategic Risk Consulting
Jeff Colburn and Tracy Knippenburg-Gillis  and Lisa Kremer  |  Views: 36201 |  Comments: 0 
Marsh Risk Consulting’s Strategic Risk Consulting group provides supply and value chain, crisis management, and enterprise risk and resiliency services. >>
Wind Energy Services
Jason DeGeorge  |  Views: 37215 |  Comments: 0 
Marsh serves as a trusted risk advisor for most of the onshore and offshore wind energy projects currently in development in the United States. >>
Renewable Energy
Peter J. Mavraganis  |  Views: 41916 |  Comments: 0 
Over the years, Marsh has become the preferred risk consultant of the renewable energy industry. Our portfolio includes over 15,000 megawatts of renewable energy generating capacit... >>
Construction Project Risk Management for Contractors
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Marsh helps contractors identify and quantify the range of risks faced by all participants and promotes a collaborative, team-based approach appropriate for their projects. >>
Construction Project Risk Management for Owners
Michael D. Hastings  |  Views: 39350 |  Comments: 0 
Marsh helps owners identify and quantify the range of risks faced by all project participants and promotes a collaborative, team-based approach appropriate for their projects. >>
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