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Case Study: Combined Cost Cap & Pollution Legal Liability
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 128489  | Comments: 0 
A Marsh client acquiring three old fossil fuel plants wanted to cap their liability for the cost of clean up. They also wanted coverage for additional environmental exposures, such...>>
Case Study: Wrap-up Program
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 128321  | Comments: 0 
The Marsh client was the only remaining potentially responsible party (PRP) at a Superfund site. An associated piece of real estate was priced at a premium, and third party contami...>>
Case Study: General Liability & Contractors E&O
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 127225  | Comments: 0 
A Marsh client faced being a potential responsible party (PRP) at a low-level nuclear disposal site. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had ordered remediation of disposal s...>>
Marketwatch: Standalone Terrorism Insurance Q1 2009
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 132351  | Comments: 0 
Marsh provides updates on terrorism risk insurance, trends, and capacity through our Marketwatch reports. In addition, Marsh has been monitoring changes to the Terrorism Risk Insur...>>
Client Reduces PML and Saves $1 Million
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 132628  | Comments: 0 
Review how Marsh helped the client negotiate an Earthquake Probable Maximum Loss analysis.>>
Pollution Liability Policy Facilitates Multi-Million Dollar Sale
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 129070  | Comments: 0 
Discover how Marsh's Real Estate Practice placed coverage to provide a solution to a national pension fund advisor's initiated sale of a large retail center.>>
Third Party Logistics Providers Liability Risks
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 90221  | Comments: 4 
Third Party Logistics Providers ("3PLs") are those entities that arrange shipments, as well as manage and provide advice on transportation and transportation-related services for s...>>
Case Study: A Tough Claim a Long Way from Home
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 129429  | Comments: 0 
A global technology client sustained a pollution-related loss at a major subcontractor in Korea. Initially, the issue was how to coordinate the claim from the U.S. without the clie...>>
Case Study: The Benefits of a Controlled Master Program
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 130397  | Comments: 0 
A multi-billion dollar computer manufacturer/software developer used a U.S.-based broker, an international broker and miscellaneous brokers in 60 countries worldwide. After learnin...>>
Case Study: Quantifying a Catastrophic Exposure
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 131910  | Comments: 0 
A new client was concerned with the adequacy of global contingent business interruption (CBI) limits. They believed they had been over-insuring CBI, did not have a coordinated glob...>>
Case Study: An Unpleasant Surprise
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 130272  | Comments: 0 
A networking company experiencing rapid growth and expansion outside of the United States felt its current broker was not keeping pace with its changing profile. The client was ass...>>
Glossary of Terms Related to Hospitality
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 82318  | Comments: 0 
A glossary of terms related to the hospitality industry.>>
Risk Consulting Practice: Case in Point
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 130021  | Comments: 0 
Reivew these two case studies providing insights to how Marsh consultants can help with claims handling.>>
Case Study: Risk Fusion ™ Saves Client Money
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 12505  | Comments: 0 
A paper manufacturer with operations in various foreign countries had traditionally managed its diverse exposures on a stand-alone basis without consideration to the cost these sep...>>
Case Study: Deriving Value from Routine Workers' Compensation Reserves
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 131352  | Comments: 0 
A large forest products company was retaining its workers' compensation losses on its balance sheet and paying claims as they came due. Although the firm regarded these expenses as...>>
Case Study: Multi-Disciplinary Consulting Approach Helps Client After Plant Explosion
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 35644  | Comments: 0 
A large forest products company had a specialty resin plant near a residential neighborhood in the suburbs of a Midwestern city. An explosion occurred at the plant causing an emplo...>>
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