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Captive Concept: How a Typical Captive Operates
March 19, 2010  |  Views: 116229  | Comments: 0 
A preliminary insight into the rationale behind the formation of a captive insurer.>>
The 100 Largest Property Losses 1972-2009 (in the Hydrocarbon Industry)
March 10, 2010  |  Views: 11925  | Comments: 1 
The 21st edition of Marsh's The 100 Largest Losses 1972 – 2009 reviews the 100 largest property damage losses that have occurred in the hydrocarbon processing industries sinc...>>
Marsh 2010 National Oil Companies Conference Executive Briefing
February 01, 2010  |  Views: 63420  | Comments: 0 
Fundamental change will create new energy risks The global oil and gas industry faces some fundamental challenges in the coming year with the National Oil Companies set to play ...>>
FINPRO Insights: Issue 5, Winter 2010
January 08, 2010  |  Views: 62450  | Comments: 0 
Timely information about financial and professional risk issues. This quarter: Taking the Initiative.>>
U.S. Insurance Market Update Automotive
July 01, 2009  |  Views: 62300  | Comments: 0 
U.S. Insurance Market Update Automotive Power Point Presentation>>
Drywall Manufactured in China - Risk, Issues, and Solutions
June 23, 2009  |  Views: 121949  | Comments: 0 
Plaintiffs’ attorneys across several states have filed putative class action lawsuits alleging that certain drywall products manufactured in China contain toxic levels of sul...>>
Trade Credit Insurance and the Global Credit Crisis
June 15, 2009  |  Views: 118259  | Comments: 0 
The total annual premium income for trade credit insurance globally for 2008 was over $8 billion, of which almost 90% was accounted for by the three major monoline credit insurers:...>>
The Tunneling Joint Code of Practice
July 11, 2008  |  Views: 77245  | Comments: 0 
One of the compelling hallmarks of the tunneling Joint Code of Practice is the recommendation that owners implement formal and ongoing risk assessments and risk management processe...>>
Understanding Environmental Exposures
April 23, 2008  |  Views: 117657  | Comments: 0 
In this day and age, environmental activities encompass a wide range of environmental risks. Some of these risks are insurable, while others are not. The most prevalent environment...>>
Case Study: Master International Pollution Program
April 12, 2007  |  Views: 117346  | Comments: 0 
A $5,000,000,000 service company specializing in services ranging from uniform dry cleaning to food and beverage sales was extremely concerned with past and future environmental li...>>
Case Study: Cancellation of TV Movie Release Covers Production and Advertising Expenses
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 119292  | Comments: 0 
Marsh defined the parameters of an airline disaster and negotiated with the carrier to cover situations that were so severe that they would be considered in bad taste if they were ...>>
Case Study: Coupon Over-Redemption Insurance
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 122267  | Comments: 0 
With Marsh's assistance, the client purchased over-redemption insurance to cover the company in the event that a promotion was more successful than expected.>>
Case Study: Prize Indemnification Insurance
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 122594  | Comments: 0 
A Fortune 500 client sought to insure an "instant win" $1 million prize. At first glance, an "instant win" is usually considered a "guaranteed win" and is therefore considered non-...>>
Case Study: Cost Cap Solution
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 114475  | Comments: 0 
A Marsh client preparing to be acquired held all the environmental liabilities from past operations of subsidiaries - a typical practice with merger and acquisition activities. The...>>
Case Study: Combined Cost Cap & Pollution Legal Liability
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 117963  | Comments: 0 
A Marsh client acquiring three old fossil fuel plants wanted to cap their liability for the cost of clean up. They also wanted coverage for additional environmental exposures, such...>>
Case Study: Wrap-up Program
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 117294  | Comments: 0 
The Marsh client was the only remaining potentially responsible party (PRP) at a Superfund site. An associated piece of real estate was priced at a premium, and third party contami...>>
Case Study: General Liability & Contractors E&O
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 117411  | Comments: 0 
A Marsh client faced being a potential responsible party (PRP) at a low-level nuclear disposal site. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had ordered remediation of disposal s...>>
Marketwatch: Standalone Terrorism Insurance Q1 2009
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 120085  | Comments: 0 
Marsh provides updates on terrorism risk insurance, trends, and capacity through our Marketwatch reports. In addition, Marsh has been monitoring changes to the Terrorism Risk Insur...>>
Client Reduces PML and Saves $1 Million
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 121319  | Comments: 0 
Review how Marsh helped the client negotiate an Earthquake Probable Maximum Loss analysis.>>
Pollution Liability Policy Facilitates Multi-Million Dollar Sale
April 02, 2007  |  Views: 117938  | Comments: 0 
Discover how Marsh's Real Estate Practice placed coverage to provide a solution to a national pension fund advisor's initiated sale of a large retail center.>>
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