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Sound Risk Management Techniques Help a Client Reduce  Accidents and Costs
January 01, 2014  |  Views: 62806  | Comments: 0 
Marsh Risk Consulting analyzed a company's high vehicular accident rate, with an eye to reduce their overall claims.>>
Competing Laws Boost D&O Costs for Health Firms
December 31, 2013  |  Views: 53391  | Comments: 0 
Marsh Risk Management Research quoted in>>
Marsh Insights: Captives, December 2013
December 17, 2013  |  Views: 17108  | Comments: 0 
The December 2013 issue of our captives newsletter covers tafaful captives, Solvency II, the construction industry’s use of captives, and more.>>
Captives and the Construction Industry: Building on Solid Ground
December 14, 2013  |  Views: 50395  | Comments: 0 
Whether a firm involved in construction should consider setting up a wholly owned captive depends on several factors, including the role it plays in the construction process.>>
Innovative Uses of Captives: The Small Captive Concept
December 14, 2013  |  Views: 50005  | Comments: 0 
As midsize companies learn of the benefits of captives, the industry has seen an explosion of formations.>>
EU Insurance Mediation Directive II: What’s Changing?
December 14, 2013  |  Views: 77334  | Comments: 0 
Changes are particularly important to third-party writers and captives that provide insurance products to the general public through their existing network of business units.>>
European Commission Sets January 1, 2016, for Solvency ll to Take Effect
December 14, 2013  |  Views: 115545  | Comments: 0 
To fully implement Solvency II, the European Parliament still must pass amending legislation, known as Omnibus II.>>
How Does a Takaful (Shariah-Compliant) Captive Differ From Other Captives?
December 14, 2013  |  Views: 50445  | Comments: 0 
A primer on what makes takafuls Shariah-compliant.>>
Energy Market Monitor News – December 2013
December 09, 2013  |  Views: 19546  | Comments: 0 
This edition states that the energy insurance market is set to enter 2014 with abundant capacity and competitive terms for firms with good claims histories.>>
Case Study: Grocery Chain Improves Warehousing Results Using Logistics Performance Plus
December 01, 2013  |  Views: 52038  | Comments: 1 
Client significantly reduces employee errors for significant savings.>>
Case Study: Defense Contractor Improves Key Quality Performance Metric
December 01, 2013  |  Views: 51334  | Comments: 0 
Client uses behavioral risk improvement to boost quality under strict deadlines.>>
Paperboard Manufacturer Uses Behavioral Risk Improvement to Slash Workers’ Comp Claims
December 01, 2013  |  Views: 52171  | Comments: 0 
MRC helps client reduce unsafe employee behavior by understanding motivation.>>
Case Study: Using BRI Pharmaceutical Company Reduces Employee Injuries
December 01, 2013  |  Views: 52044  | Comments: 0 
Through behavior risk improvement program, company cuts injuries 30%.>>
Case Study: Paperboard Manufacturer Uses Behavioral Risk Improvement to Slash Workers’ Comp Claims
December 01, 2013  |  Views: 69575  | Comments: 0 
MRC helps client reduce unsafe employee behavior by helping them understand what motivated the behavior.>>
Renewable Energy Projects: Risk and Insurance Issues
November 25, 2013  |  Views: 85900  | Comments: 0 
Successful renewable energy projects often require the mitigation of construction, regulatory, technological, operational, and environmental risks.>>
"Black Friday" and Beyond — Keeping Your Store Employees and Customers Safe
November 22, 2013  |  Views: 82898  | Comments: 0 
OSHA guidelines for retailers to maintain customers safety and security during "Black Friday" and other major sales events.>>
EU Adviser – Data Protection Regulation
November 04, 2013  |  Views: 86077  | Comments: 0 
Following a vote by the EU's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice & Home Affairs, far-reaching data protection regulation is a step closer to being introduced.>>
Noncertified Terrorism Insurance: Avoiding Coverage Gaps
November 04, 2013  |  Views: 58594  | Comments: 0 
Noncertified terrorism insurance covers acts costing less than $5 million in aggregate losses; insureds need to be aware of coverage exclusions.>>
FACS Helps Bring a Wave of Financial Relief to Resort Properties Following a Tsunami
November 01, 2013  |  Views: 63050  | Comments: 0 
In 2004, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake shook the floor of the Indian Ocean initiating a destructive tsunami that affected some of the hospitality industry’s most exotic vacation...>>
Business Interruption Valuation for a Manufacturing Company
November 01, 2013  |  Views: 63353  | Comments: 1 
A global corporation that develops, delivers, and supports the IT industry’s broad range of information infrastructure technologies needs, approached Marsh regarding its business i...>>
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