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Energy Training Courses
October 19, 2010  |  Views: 115643  | Comments: 0 
Marsh's Energy Practice is committed to ensuring energy industry stakeholders are well placed to handle the myriad of issues they face. Our suite of training courses in 2011 is evi...>>
Flood: A Universal Peril
October 15, 2010  |  Views: 115319  | Comments: 0 
The Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) estimates that 25 percent of flood claims occur in low-to-moderate risk areas. Many properties subject to flooding have no previ...>>
Marsh Insights: Energy Monitor — October 2010, Issue 4
October 01, 2010  |  Views: 61211  | Comments: 0 
The energy market has undoubtedly made the headlines over the last few months; much speculation, posturing, grand declarations and many pundits announcing the arrival of the day of...>>
Enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Rises to New Heights
October 01, 2010  |  Views: 115953  | Comments: 0 
Tales of foreign intrigue are no longer the exclusive realm of spy thrillers as global corruption continues to rise. A recent spate of problems include cash payments to manufacturi...>>
California Workers' Compensation Law
September 10, 2010  |  Views: 10532  | Comments: 0 
The Court affirmed the ruling of the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board in its entirety.>>
Marsh Insights: Marsh Concerned Over Insurance Assumptions Implicit in U.S. House and Senate Energy Bills
August 24, 2010  |  Views: 116341  | Comments: 0 
New York, August 24, 2010 – Marsh, the world’s leading insurance broker and risk advisor, issued the following statement today: The U.S. House of Representative and...>>
Deepwater Horizon Event: Contractors' Liability
July 13, 2010  |  Views: 116112  | Comments: 0 
The Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent oil spill has initiated much discussion within the environmental insurance community about the breadth of coverage and insurance prem...>>
Property Insurance News Issue 6, Summer 2010
June 15, 2010  |  Views: 6366  | Comments: 0 
As the first half of 2010 came to a close, there seemed to be little change in the property insurance marketplace. A general softening trend continues to dominate, although this ma...>>
A Tale of Two Exclusions: Supreme Court of Delaware Holds Prior Notice and Prior Acts Exclusions Apply
June 01, 2010  |  Views: 113801  | Comments: 0 
Mergers and acquisitions are a major part of today’s business environment. The merging of two or more companies can affect the new organization’s insurance policies and can lead to...>>
Shedding Light on Going Dark
June 01, 2010  |  Views: 118655  | Comments: 0 
As compliance costs, disclosure obligations, threats of regulatory investigations, and the severity and frequency of securities class actions all multiply at a phenomenal rate, man...>>
Understanding the Fiduciary Liability Insurance Marketplace: Tips for a Successful Renewal
June 01, 2010  |  Views: 116917  | Comments: 0 
In 2009 insurers experienced a relatively stable year as a result of investment income, few catastrophes, and favorable revisions of expected losses from prior years. These conditi...>>
Social Media: Friend or Foe?
June 01, 2010  |  Views: 114576  | Comments: 0 
Companies of all sizes and in all industries face special media, privacy, information, and computer security risks in today's economy. At the outset, businesses operate in an envir...>>
Bill 198 and the Rising Tide of Directors and Officers Risk in Canada
June 01, 2010  |  Views: 116972  | Comments: 0 
As in the United States, Canadian corporate and securities legislation imposes obligations on directors and officers to ensure that the securities market operates fairly and effici...>>
FINPRO Insights: Issue 6, Spring 2010
April 29, 2010  |  Views: 61348  | Comments: 0 
Timely information about financial and professional risk issues.>>
Mission to Corporate Counsel: Understand Exposures and Protection for In-House Counsel
April 07, 2010  |  Views: 73773  | Comments: 0 
Just as rockets soar into space, so too has the list of potential liabilities for in-house counsel risen to galactic proportions. Although the norm at one time involved claims alle...>>
Single Parent Captive Benchmarking: Capital and Collateral
April 04, 2010  |  Views: 6752  | Comments: 0 
Marsh's Global Captive Benchmarking Report, now in its third year of publication, continues to focus on the issues at the forefront of captive owners' minds.>>
Captive Concept: What is a Captive?
March 23, 2010  |  Views: 115303  | Comments: 0 
A preliminary insight into the rationale behind the formation of a captive insurer.>>
Captive Concept: Captive Insurance Structures
March 22, 2010  |  Views: 74866  | Comments: 0 
A preliminary insight into the rationale behind the formation of a captive insurer.>>
Captive Concept: The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Captive
March 21, 2010  |  Views: 85032  | Comments: 0 
A preliminary insight into the rationale behind the formation of a captive insurer.>>
Captive Concept: The Road to a Captive
March 20, 2010  |  Views: 115449  | Comments: 0 
A preliminary insight into the rationale behind the formation of a captive insurer.>>
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