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Court Holds That Parent Must Have Actual Legal Liability for Captive to Recover Losses from Reinsurer
October 27, 2014  |  Views: 14963  | Comments: 0 
Alleged liability insufficient; case upheld by UK Court of Appeal.>>
 Ebola: Managing the Risks for Mining Companies
October 24, 2014  |  Views: 38746  | Comments: 0 
The Ebola outbreak has prompted mining companies, their suppliers, partners, and customers to review crisis management and insurance programs. >>
 Ebola: Managing the Risks for Construction Companies
October 24, 2014  |  Views: 23987  | Comments: 0 
Construction companies face a wide range of exposures, including project delays, workforce safety risks, and third-party exposures to Ebola.>>
Ebola: Managing the Risks for Health Care Providers
October 24, 2014  |  Views: 23406  | Comments: 0 
Health care companies should consider whether their crisis management and insurance programs can appropriately address potential impacts from the deadly virus. >>
Ebola: 11 Questions to Ask to Gauge Preparedness
October 22, 2014  |  Views: 24205  | Comments: 0 
Is your organization prepared if Ebola were to become a crisis?>>
Ebola: Six Types of Insurance Coverage Health Care Companies Should Review
October 21, 2014  |  Views: 54120  | Comments: 0 
Several types of insurance could help protect health care organizations that treat Ebola patients.>>
Five Lessons From SARS to Help You Prepare for Ebola
October 20, 2014  |  Views: 23468  | Comments: 0 
SARS experience is widely viewed as a game-changer in the way world health authorities and national governments react to infectious diseases>>
Global Insurance Regulatory and Premium Tax Update
October 20, 2014  |  Views: 17001  | Comments: 0 
The Global Insurance Regulatory and Premium Tax Update is a summary of the latest insurance regulation and premium-related news that could affect insurance contracts procured ...>>
Webcast: Managing Transactional Risk: How to Use Insurance Capital to Solve Deal Issues
October 20, 2014  |  Views: 24162  | Comments: 0 
During our one-hour webcast: "Managing Transactional Risk: How to Use Insurance Capital to Solve Deal Issues," a panel of risk experts provided real-world examples of deal issues...>>
Five Steps to Take to Limit the Impact of Ebola
October 17, 2014  |  Views: 39399  | Comments: 0 
Monitoring health authorities, educating employees, and establishing clear policies in the event of illness are among the ways to protect your organization and its people.>>
Retire with Confidence: How to Structure a Personal Insurance Program
October 13, 2014  |  Views: 15258  | Comments: 0 
Financially successful couples and individuals in or near retirement face some of the most complex decisions about insurance at any time in their lives. >>
Webcast: Best Practices in Financial & Professional Liability Claims Management
October 09, 2014  |  Views: 42693  | Comments: 0 
The third webcast in our Risk Management 201 series will cover how to identify and rein in cost drivers. >>
Webcast: Managing Political Risk in an Unstable World
October 03, 2014  |  Views: 26994  | Comments: 0 
Despite geopolitical volatility, companies can employ a range of strategies to protect their assets. >>
Marijuana Legalization: Insurance and Risk Management Perspectives for Employers
September 30, 2014  |  Views: 29140  | Comments: 0 
Legalization of marijuana results in host of evolving insurance and legal consequences. >>
Webcast: Accountable Care at a Tipping Point
September 26, 2014  |  Views: 27364  | Comments: 0 
An in-depth discussion on the changes sweeping the health care industry.>>
Cyber-Insurance Market for Power Companies Growing
September 25, 2014  |  Views: 26332  | Comments: 0 
Andrew Herring quoted in EnergyWire.>>
Webcast: Best Practices in Property Claims Management
September 24, 2014  |  Views: 33943  | Comments: 0 
The second webcast in our Risk Management 201 series will include claims and loss-control best practices. >>
Arctic Shipping: Seven Challenges for Hull Insurers
September 19, 2014  |  Views: 43766  | Comments: 0 
The ongoing reduction of sea ice means that Arctic navigation in the summer months may soon be a viable option. If and when it occurs, it will present shippers with the opportunity...>>
Arctic Shipping: Three Key Considerations for Protection and Indemnity Insurers
September 12, 2014  |  Views: 28200  | Comments: 0 
A host of safety and navigational concerns make Arctic navigation challenging for shippers and their insurers.>>
Webcast: Best Practices in Casualty Claims Management
September 10, 2014  |  Views: 36274  | Comments: 0 
The first in our three-part Risk Management 201 series will cover how to reduce casualty claims costs. >>
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