Pandemic Preparedness Information Resources
Government/NGO Pandemic Preparedness Resources

Below, we provide links to several government and non-government organizations Web sites that can provide information and resources to assist you in preparing for and responding to pandemics. Several sites also provide updates on the spread of diseases worldwide.
This Web site, managed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, provides an extensive set of resources — checklists, toolkits, and guidelines — to assist healthcare providers and service organizations in planning for a pandemic outbreak.

World Health Organization (WHO)
Special reports and updates on pandemic flu cases around the world, and recommendations for travelers coming from or going to countries experiencing outbreaks.

WHO Twitter Feed
WHO provides frequent updates on the swine flu through its Twitter feed.

Centers for Disease Control
Key facts on pandemic influenza; planning checklists; and information for specific groups such as businesses, health professionals, and governments.

CDC Twitter Feed
CDC provides frequent updates on the wine flu through its Twitter feed.

U.S. Department of Labor
Guidance for protecting U.S. workers against pandemic flu

The White House — National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza
Information on the U.S. government' plans for preparing, detecting, and responding to a pandemic. The site also outlines the roles to be played by the Federal government, State and local governments, as well as private industry, international partners, and individual citizens.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Informs about preparedness and response measures, current status of border controls, and the national strategy for managing a pandemic.

Australia — Department of Health and Ageing
Information for the general public, health professionals, livestock and industry on avian influenza outbreaks.

Canada — Public Health Agency
Archive of the agency's FluWatch reports, which summarize influenza surveillance.

U.K. Department of Health
The U.K.'s influenza pandemic contingency plan and information and resources for health professionals and the public on pandemic influenza.

México's Secretaria de Salud
Provides alerts on the status of pandemic flu, prevention measures, frequently asked questions, and other relevant information for all sectors of the population.

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
Provides situation reports, webcasts, news updates, and other information in relation to influenza and other disease outbreaks.