Employment-related risks are among the most potentially damaging exposures. Often centering around sexual harassment, wrongful termination and discrimination, employers of all sizes face potential damage from employment practices liability (EPL) lawsuits, which can not only result in financial disaster, but also irreparable damage to an organization’s reputation or brand image.

Marsh helps organizations like yours address their needs in this area. Tailored solutions are described below. For more information on all our offerings on this topic plus reports, articles and press releases, visit our Employment Practices Liability homepage.

Employment Practices Liability

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) claims have risen to record levels in recent years.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) is designed to help employers respond to growing EPL exposures, such as those described above, mitigate the impact of EPL risks and protect a company's bottom line, which extends beyond financial loss. Through Marsh's Employment Practices Liability practice, insureds can choose from a menu of comprehensive coverage offerings that combine insurance and risk management techniques designed to:

  • Lower the cost of transferring employment practices risk;
  • Protect the company, its directors and officers, as well as employees for claims brought by past, present or prospective employees (and third parties); and
  • Reduce the risk of costly litigation.

Marsh has initiatives designed specifically for large and multi-national corporations as well as mid-size and small companies.

Employment Practices Liability — Global Leaders: A Comprehensive EPL Initiative for Large Companies
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Employment Practices Liability — Global Leaders: A Comprehensive EPL Initiative for Large Companies
Marsh offers a comprehensive program of employment practices liability insurance and risk management.  Read More >>
Employment Practices Liability
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Employment Practices Liability
Marsh provides clients with the most comprehensive employment practices liability insurance coverage available and tools for the management of employment-related risks.  Read More >>