Marsh's Real Estate Practice comprises a global network of advisors who help real estate  clients identify, quantify, and manage their risks through an array of services and solutions

Marsh helps organizations like yours address their needs in this area. Tailored solutions are described below. For more information on all our offerings on this topic plus reports, articles and press releases, visit our Real Estate homepage.

Real Estate

Real estate owners, managers, and developers operate in a dynamic industry in which everyday "bricks and mortar" risks such as natural hazards co-exist with more complex challenges, including environmental liabilities, partnership and contractual obligations, and stricter lending requirements. The ever-changing nature of the industry is bound to spawn new risks that must be dealt with. 

The Real Estate Practice of Marsh comprises a global network of advisors who are dedicated to organizations that must contend with real estate risks. Clients served include:

  • Investment advisors and managers;
  • Real estate investment trusts;
  • Third party managers;
  • Asset managers;
  • Fiduciaries;
  • Financial institutions; and
  • Real estate operating companies;

Marsh helps its real estate clients identify, quantify, and manage their risks using an array of services and solutions, including:

  • Lender Compliance — Marsh can assist clients in negotiations with lenders to ensure that all compliance requirements have been satisfied.
  • Catastrophic Risk Transfer — Marsh offers unique and innovative risk transfer solutions for catastrophic exposures such as flood, earthquake, hurricanes, wind, or terrorism to protect businesses in the event of a natural or man-made disruption.
  • Benchmarking — Our extensive benchmarking studies capture and analyze useful data, including premiums and rates, limits of insurance purchased, and deductibles/retentions. These studies can be invaluable when negotiating with lenders and other capital providers, or when performing allocations and assessing existing insurance and risk management program.

Additional services and solutions to help real estate firms manage their risks include:

  • Catastrophic risk transfer;
  • Terrorism insurance, modeling, and consulting;
  • Captive feasibility and management;
  • Environmental insurance;
  • Representation and warranty insurance;
  • Premium allocation and invoicing;
  • Lease and contract review consulting;
  • Catastrophe bonds;
  • Claims preparation services;
  • Deductible buy-down and catastrophic limit protection insurance;
  • Certificate monitoring;
  • Contingent/credit wraps;
  • Owner-controlled insurance programs/wrap-ups;
  • Maintenance, bid, and performance surety bonds;
  • Tenant/resident group insurance purchasing programs; and
  • Employee benefits consulting and insurance.
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