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Marsh's Manufacturing Practice provides the expertise needed to help businesses navigate complex risks associated with global sourcing, product recall, and supply chain management, among others.

Marsh helps organizations like yours address their needs in this area. Tailored solutions are described below. For more information on all our offerings on this topic plus reports, articles and press releases, visit our Manufacturing homepage.


Marsh provides the expertise needed to help businesses navigate the complex issues confronting the manufacturing sector today, including global supply chain management, workers’ compensation, product recall, mergers and acquisitions, rapidly expanding global markets, and increased environmental regulation.

Marsh's Manufacturing Practice coordinates the global resources of Marsh and its sister companies (including Guy Carpenter, Mercer, and the Oliver Wyman Group) in risk management consulting and insurance placement to help you to reduce cost, identify exposures, quantify risk, and find ways to mitigate losses.

Marsh works with more than 900 manufacturing companies in the US, including:
  • More than 650 manufacturing companies.
  • 42 of the top 50 US manufacturing companies.
  • Over 250 automotive companies.
  • 13 of the top 15 US automotive companies.
The practice serves a wide range of sectors within the manufacturing industry, including:
  • Textiles and apparel.
  • Plastics and rubber products.
  • Primary and fabricated metals.
  • Machinery.
  • Transportation equipment.
  • Furniture and related products.

We continue to be innovators in responding to the traditional and emerging risks in the manufacturing industry. Among the risk issues we can help you manage are:

Workforce – Our Workforce Strategies experts can provide a wide range of solutions to help you hire, deploy, and keep the right workforce, including pre-loss mitigation consulting to help your company to reduce the impact of variable claim costs.

Workers’ Compensation – Through our Workers’ Compensation Center of Excellence, we provide a holistic approach to managing workers’ compensation programs by:
  • Addressing critical challenges such as rising medical costs, adverse underwriting results, and competing priorities for capital.
  • Understanding National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) changes to the experience-rating plan.
  • Using data and advanced analytics to support decision making and establish goals based on key performance indicators.

Product Recall and Liability – Our product recall consultants have extensive experience in the manufacturing industry. We work with you to help prevent product recalls from occurring and prepare you for a recall by establishing a crisis communication plan and the appropriate supply chain recovery options to reduce business interruption and protect your brand.

Supply Chain and Business Continuity – Our dedicated supply chain and business continuity experts can provide you with proprietary solutions to mitigate risk in your manufacturing supply chain. We can help you to create supplier risk programs, optimize inventory and network design for resiliency, and assess and quantify risk.

Environmental Exposure – Our environmental consultants assist in liability identification and valuation, remediation expense management and risk transfer, acquisition due diligence, and contractual indemnity consulting, to help you know and effectively treat your environmental exposures.

Wage and Hour Preferred Solution
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Wage and Hour Preferred Solution
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Claim Inventory Workout
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