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Investing in Frontier Markets: Managing Credit and Political Risk
Karen Beldy Torborg and Edwin Charnaud  and Rohan Bhappu  |  Views: 20915 |  Comments: 0 
Marsh provides the experience, market presence, and knowledge that you need to address the most challenging country or credit risks. >>
Political Risk Issues for Mobile Assets
Evan Freely and Stephen Kay  and Julie Martin  |  Views: 109302 |  Comments: 0 
The effects of political risk events can range from negligible to severe, with consequences isolated to the loss of the value of the assets, or representing a more integral part of... >>
Political Risk Issues for Lenders
Evan Freely and Stephen Kay  and Julie Martin  |  Views: 111838 |  Comments: 0 
Financial institutions engaged in cross-border lending are often hindered in pursuing similar transactions by limit restrictions to country exposure mandated by regulatory agencies... >>
Political Risk Issues for Permanent Equity Investments
Evan Freely and Stephen Kay  and Julie Martin  |  Views: 110844 |  Comments: 0 
Companies with existing or pending long-term investments in overseas emerging markets are vulnerable to various types of political risks, whether the investment is made in a wholly... >>
Political Risk Issues for Contracts Overseas
Evan Freely and Stephen Kay  and Julie Martin  |  Views: 111001 |  Comments: 0 
In addition to the underlying credit risk in every trade transaction, companies who contract with either foreign governments or private entities located abroad, for either the purc... >>