Multi-Family Tenant Renters Insurance Program

Marsh offers property managers a tenant renters insurance program to help mitigate property risks and provide needed protection against losses.


As more and more property managers require tenants to have rental insurance, Marsh offers a new Multi-Family Tenant Renters Insurance Program that can help support risk management objectives.

Coverage and Product Details:

  • Includes both Liability and Contents
  • Guaranteed Issue program
  • Customer support provided through website or toll-free number
  • Offered at an affordable monthly premium
  • Underwritten by Kemper Select companies


Additional features of this program serve to benefit property managers:

  • Water Legal Liability coverage is provided including accidental discharge or overflow of water from items such as plumbing, waterbeds, or household appliances
  • With respect to “Property Damage Liability,” this policy also extends the definition of “Insured” to include anyone listed on the lease or rental agreement
  • Animal Liability: $25,000 in most states—and only available to sponsored programs

Who it’s for:

This program is designed for property managers with 5,000+ units and an underlying tenant insurance requirement as a component of the lease.

What you get:

Property management firms gain the following benefits from this coverage:
  • Loss protection—coverage helps to protect against losses caused by tenants to their unit or surrounding units
  • Reduced commercial property insurance premiums (with tenants’ policies in force, losses to property managers will be lower and usually rates are reduced)
  • Reduced operational expenses and hassle. Assisting tenants with questions about the building’s protection class, alarm systems and the construction type is no longer necessary.