Actuarial services are a vital piece of a captive insurer’s effectiveness and long-term viability. Whether it’s for a certification of loss reserves, an initial captive feasibility study, the due diligence involved with an M&A transaction, an opinion on a risk transfer question, or a myriad of other issues, your captive will at times require an actuary. Marsh’s Global Captive Solutions Actuarial Group delivers exceptional actuarial services to clients from diverse industries with a wide spectrum of property/casualty insurance exposures.

Actuarial Services Highlights: Professional Opinions, Professionally Prepared
Marsh’s Global Captive Solutions Group is the only captive management group that offers actuarial services in-house, saving you time, money, and paperwork. Our actuarial team works on your specific issues and delivers results to satisfy your management, directors, auditors, insurance regulators, and carriers. Whether you want a written document, a presentation, a working computer model, or something else, our actuarial professionals deliver the results the way you need them. And you can be sure our team will leave you with material that is:
  • Accurate
  • Professionally prepared and presented
  • Transparent
  • Relevant
  • Customized for your needs
  • Precisely and effectively communicated
  • Versed in your industry and exposures

Who it’s for
  • Captive insurers
  • Corporations considering a captive insurance subsidiary
  • Entities with retained insurance liabilities

What you get
  • A team of actuaries specializing in the evaluation of retained insurance exposures
  • An actuarial service partner with broad experience working with auditors, carriers, captive managers, and insurance regulators around the globe
  • Actuaries with access to an extensive network of supporting Marsh insurance professionals
  • Cost savings from having actuaries on staff at Marsh’s Global Captive Solutions Group, rather than having to hire them externally

Sample Actuarial Services
  • Loss reserve certification
  • Loss funding and payout projection
  • Ratemaking
  • Captive feasibility study
  • Retention optimization
  • Risk transfer opinion
  • Premium allocation
  • Commutation valuation
  • Parent company self-retained liability analysis
  • M&A due diligence

Highly Qualified Experts Marsh’s Global Captive Solutions Actuarial Group is comprised of credentialed actuaries and supporting actuarial analysts. Our actuaries are members of the Casualty Actuarial Society and American Academy of Actuaries, and are qualified to certify loss reserves. Our actuaries consult exclusively with captive and self-insurance programs in numerous global domiciles.