Marsh Risk Toolkit Series

Marsh’s risk toolkits highlight our latest insights and solutions around a single risk issue or innovation, enabling you to quickly browse our content and access our latest reports, briefings, videos, and services.

Cyber Risk Toolkit

Data loss and privacy breaches may be the first risks to come to mind when thinking about cyber risk, but the exposure is far broader, encompassing supply chain and even reputational risk. And your insurance may not always cover all the exposures. Marsh's Cyber Risk Management toolkit offers our latest perspectives on these quickly changing and newly emerging risks. It details new solutions and coverage and provides several reports, videos, and webcasts to help you keep up with recent developments in cyber and learn how your organization can mitigate the risk.

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Workers' Compensation Toolkit

Controlling workers' compensation costs and improving workplace safety continue to be key issues for employers across all industries. Yet too many organizations treat workplace safety, workers' compensation claims administration, and the related data gathering and analysis as isolated functions. Marsh’s Workers' Compensation Toolkit provides our insights into the latest factors driving costs and offers industry-leading perspectives on how an integrated, holistic approach to workers’ compensation can enable you to rein in costs.

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Risk Analytics Toolkit

Over the past several years, we’ve seen numerous breakthroughs in data and analytics. By distilling vast amounts of data into actionable information, analytics is enabling risk professionals to illustrate ROI from risk management programs, compare the cost of other capital to that of insurance, and even replicate the process insurers use to establish rates. Marsh’s risk analytics toolkit includes a wealth of information, including thought leadership, videos, and information on our latest innovative solutions.

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