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Ebola – Insurance and Risk Management Considerations for UK Businesses
October 16, 2014  |  Views: 23014  | Comments: 0 
Document explaining the UK insurance position regarding Ebola, and some risk management guidance.>>
Webcast:  Workers’ Compensation 2015: Understanding the Evolving Legal and Regulatory Landscape
April 13, 2015  |  Views: 1131  | Comments: 0 
Ongoing legal challenges and legislative developments could dramatically alter the workers’ compensation landscape across the country. Join Marsh’s Workers’ Compensation Center of ...>>
Webcast: Real Estate Financing and Refinancing: Environmental Risks for Borrowers and Lenders
April 07, 2015  |  Views: 2489  | Comments: 0 
Risks not properly managed can result in financial strain on borrowers and even default. >>
Risk Management 101 Webcast Series: Basics of Financial & Professional
April 06, 2015  |  Views: 15418  | Comments: 0 
Risk management — identifying, managing, and monitoring exposures — requires discipline, organization, tools, and strategy. Marsh’s Risk Management 101 webcast series is designed t...>>
Workers’ Compensation, Cyber, and Analytics in Focus at Advisen’s 2015 Casualty Insights Conference
April 04, 2015  |  Views: 5391  | Comments: 0 
Regulatory trends, emerging risks, mergers and acquisitions, and more were top of mind for risk managers, insurers, and brokers at the recent Advisen Casualty Insights Conference i...>>
Life Events and Insurance
April 03, 2015  |  Views: 2088  | Comments: 0 
Marriage, a new baby, a teen’s first car, a student going to college, retirement — many of life’s major events can affect not only your life insurance and estate plans but also you...>>
Consider Your Home’s Flood Potential
April 03, 2015  |  Views: 2290  | Comments: 0 
Just a few inches of water from flooding can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage, but you don’t have to live by a body of water for flooding to affect you. Flooding can st...>>
Client Newsletter, Spring 2015
April 03, 2015  |  Views: 3321  | Comments: 0 
Finding Advocacy in a Time of Need The Primo family shares their personal story about the overwhelming support they received after a fire nearly destroyed their home. Life Even...>>
Our Best Decluttering Tips
April 01, 2015  |  Views: 2570  | Comments: 0 
You don’t have to be a professional stylist to keep your home curated and company-ready at all times. Just follow English designer William Morris’s advice from 1880 (it’s just as v...>>
Smart Backyard Irrigation Systems for Worry-Free Watering
April 01, 2015  |  Views: 2457  | Comments: 0 
To save money — and the environment — many people are installing in-ground irrigation systems, which automatically deliver a controlled flow of water. In the past, most s...>>
Streaming TV and Movies, Simplified!
April 01, 2015  |  Views: 1732  | Comments: 0 
Once upon a time, if you wanted to see a movie, you went to the theater and sat in a cozy chair in front of a mega screen. As the years passed, those movies became viewable at home...>>
Top Destinations for Multigenerational Travel
April 01, 2015  |  Views: 1321  | Comments: 0 
For Relaxers: Cruises Why They're Crowd-Pleasers: Up-front pricing means you can control your budget. A full roster of activities keeps every family member entertained: Kids can l...>>
Finding Advocacy in a Time of Need
April 01, 2015  |  Views: 1346  | Comments: 0 
For Diane and Quintin Primo and their three children, their home in Lake Forest, Illinois, is a sanctuary where the busy family of five unwinds and recharges from the demands of th...>>
Four Critical Risks for Investors Eyeing US Midstream Energy Assets
March 25, 2015  |  Views: 6625  | Comments: 0 
As valuations become more attractive and armed with an estimated $1.22 trillion in “dry powder,” private equity investors have their sights set on the energy industry. Investors ar...>>
UK Cyber Security: The Role of Insurance in Managing and Mitigating the Risk
March 23, 2015  |  Views: 6883  | Comments: 0 
Read Marsh’s insights into how insurance can help make UK businesses more resilient to the cyber threat.>>
Three Key Risks Affecting Insurance Pricing for Health Care Organizations
March 20, 2015  |  Views: 6670  | Comments: 0 
Despite a generally stable insurance market, health care organizations face several changes as they adapt their businesses to changing payment models.>>
Most Companies Not Fully Prepared to Manage Consequences of Business Interruption Loss
March 20, 2015  |  Views: 6562  | Comments: 0 
Numbers reflect the difficulty that many risk professionals have quantifying time-element losses.>>
Three Sectors of US Real Estate Industry Facing Insurance Challenges
March 16, 2015  |  Views: 5487  | Comments: 0 
Multi-family dwellings, brownfields, and REITs could see higher insurance pricing in 2015.>>
Annual Transactional Risk Report
March 16, 2015  |  Views: 10225  | Comments: 0 
The Annual Transactional Risk Report reveals how global demand for transactional risk insurance surged during 2014, helped by record demand in mature markets.>>
Risk Management 101 Webcast Series: Basics of Casualty
March 12, 2015  |  Views: 15466  | Comments: 0 
Risk management — identifying, managing, and monitoring exposures — requires discipline, organization, tools, and strategy. Marsh’s Risk Management 101 webcast series is designed t...>>
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