Financial and Professional: Employment Practices Liability — U.S.

Highlights from the financial and professional — employment practices liability section of the U.S. Insurance Market Report 2012 include:

  • On average, employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) rates are decreasing in the low single digits, as insurers believed there were no more decreases to be provided, particularly on small to midsize accounts given unusual duration of the current soft market.
  • In a June 2011 decision, the United States Supreme Court decertified the largest gender discrimination class action lawsuit in history. This has not been the market changing event that many had anticipated; it has had little, if any, immediate impact on rates.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charge statistics for 2011 indicate that discrimination and retaliation claims remain a significant area of exposure for employers.
  • The use of social media is presenting challenges to employers and EPLI insurers.
  • There was an increasing frequency of wage and hour claims in 2011.

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