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The primary focus of Marsh's Transportation Practice is to create and deliver risk solutions and services to clients that transport people or haul freight by road or rail, or arrange for such transportation (e.g., logistics providers). We also serve other suppliers as well as companies involved in transportation infrastructure.


Transportation affects nearly every enterprise around the world. Transportation exposures, however, can present significant financial and operational challenges to firms in this industry. Rising fuel costs, employee shortage and retention issues, credit risks, marketplace competition — these and other exposures can have a severe impact on a company's bottom line and impede its overall success.

Marsh's Transportation Practice meets those challenges for businesses such as trucking, railroads, bus, subway and livery as well as organizations operating their own logistics and transportation systems. Our team of transportation risk management experts analyze clients' full spectrum of hazard, operations, strategic and financial risks, then develops forward-looking solutions to avoid, mitigate, or transfer risk through services such as:

  • Asset Utilization — A comprehensive analysis of equipment usage, shop procedures, and operations.
  • Driver Capacity Management — A program that identifies causes of at-risk behaviors and formulates strategies to create safer and more productive work environments.
  • Operations Training Program — A "best practices" approach to training with specific training modules for three key roles on the front line.
  • Marsh's Fleet Scorecard — A benchmarking tool that is designed to measure fleet performance in a multi-division organization.
  • Organizational Value Assessment — A program that identifies causes of at-risk behaviors and formulates strategies to create safer and more productive work environments. Workers Compensation Injury Management — A proven approach to proactively reduce overall workers compensation costs.
  • Wisconsin Decision Driving Center — A unique opportunity for individuals to experience driving skills required to handle vehicles under adverse conditions while in a controlled environment.
  • GAP — A Fleet Safety Program evaluation which examines 20 active loss control areas and benchmarks them against the best practices in the industry.
  • Driver Recognition — A program that can be designed to your specific operation that will evaluate your current level of recognition and make suggestions to enhance the existing program.
  • Training the Trainer — A two-and-one-half day classroom/over-the road program that can assist companies in certifying their lead drivers to become trainers in supporting the recruiting of newly hired drivers. Independent Contractor Financial Services Center (ICFSC) — A dedicated team of experts focusing exclusively on issues associated with the legal and regulatory environment surrounding IC's and designing and implementing customized insurance programs / financial products for IC's.
  • Independent Contractor — Business Training — A program which provides training for new independent contractors in the recruiting and retention of drivers.
  • Rail Risk Assessment — A comprehensive assessment including security, crisis management consulting and contingency planning, contract review, employee injury (FELA) reduction strategies, site inspection and hy-rail assessment of risk hazards. Rail Risk Retention Assessment — A comprehensive strategy for measuring, managing, and financing risk to achieve the most cost effective self-insured retention.

Marsh offers a comprehensive, consultative approach to risk management and delivers the solutions and help clients achieve the rewards that lie on the other side of risk.

Marsh Global Rail

Marsh’s Global Rail Practice is solely dedicated to delivering risk solutions and services to clients involved in transporting people and freight via rail. Using a platform that leverages the experience, expertise, and relationships of the worldwide teams of Marsh Global Rail professionals and clients, we not only create short-term solutions and transactional opportunities, but also long-term strategies and advocacy for railways and the global rail industry.

Marsh’s consulting, claims management, and transactional capabilities, and the extended offerings of our Marsh & McLennan sister companies are complemented by the services of Marsh’s Global Rail Practice. Our rail practice is the first and only brokerage rail practice that includes experienced railway operations and safety consultants, so our professionals have the knowledge and experience to understand your business.

Marsh provides risk management services to railroads across the industry spectrum: Class I, Class II, and regional railroads, including:

  • Passenger and freight main line operators.
  • Terminal, switching, and industrial railroads.
  • Urban and commuter rail operators.
  • Railroad product manufacturers.
  • Railcar leasing companies.
  • Rail infrastructure managers.
  • Locomotive and railcar repair services.

Marsh recognizes rail industry companies must address a wide range of risks. Our rail team was specifically designed to service and develop leading edge solutions for the rail and transit industry. Marsh rail professionals, including dedicated transit liability and property placement specialists as well as transit loss control and claims specialists, work closely together to provide an integrated team approach to your risk issues.

Our centers of excellence include our rail experts and are located in Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, Richmond, Dallas, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, London, Bermuda, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Stockholm, Milan and Sydney. These centers of excellence allow Marsh to harness the collective expertise, market intelligence, claims and risk control experience, and emerging risks that are unique to the rail industry.

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Asset Utilization — Drivers and Equipment
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Asset Utilization — Drivers and Equipment
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Driver Capacity Management
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Driver Recognition
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Driver Recognition
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Driver Risk Management Advanced Technology Solution
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Driver Risk Management Advanced Technology Solution
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Fleet Safety
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Fleet Solutions
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Freight Rail
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Global Rail Services
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A group captive offers an alternative insurance structure for companies in several industries.  >>
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