The public sector faces numerous challenges from emerging risks such as avian flu, terrorism, and environmental compliance to recurrent issues such as employment disputes, procurement compliance, and corporate governance.

Public Entity/Government

Public entities face a new world of risk today. As such, public entities need a trusted advisor with the resources and in-depth knowledge of the business of government to provide customized, cost-effective solutions designed to mitigate risk and contain costs.

Marsh's Public Entity Practice specialists are seasoned professionals who are devoted to developing innovative solutions to meet the risk management and insurance challenges of federal, state, county or municipal government. Within those boundaries, any special districts and public transportation systems can also be considered a brokerage prospective client or a prospective public-entity pooling client. Experience and a tradition of innovation translate to state-of-the-art risk management programs at a lower cost to our public entity clients.

Our clients include:

  • State Governments;
  • Local Governments;
  • Governmental risk pools;
  • Cities, Towns, and Counties;
  • Airports, Port Authorities, Public Sports Arenas
  • Government-Sponsored Insurance Facilities; and
  • Not-for-profit organizations.

Client Services

Marsh's Public Entity Practice clients can take advantage of a number of practical services. Tailored to the needs of the individual client, our services include:

  • Strategic risk and exposure analysis;
  • Enterprise risk consulting services;
  • Loss control and prevention surveys;
  • Process Improvement for existing loss control programs;
  • Creative risk financing;
  • Captive development and management services;
  • Claims management and consultation;
  • Workplace hazard management evaluations;
  • Public officials errors & omissions coverage;
  • Law enforcement liability;
  • Public official bond;
  • Educational programming — onsite and via teleconferencing; and
  • Information management and state-of-the-art technology.
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Public Sector Services
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Public Sector Services
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CS STARS LLC supports comprehensive risk management, enterprise risk management and compliance and safety management.   >>
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