Marsh's Mining, Metals, and Minerals Practice identifies events, issues, trends and regulations that may impact the management of mining risk.

Mining, Metals & Minerals

Mining is a diverse and complex industry of vital importance to the economy. As a high hazard industry, casualty risks are inherent, but mining companies must also contend with new challenges such as an industry wide decline in financial solvency, consolidation, and an aging workforce. In addition, industry-specific risks such as environmental and reclamation bonding make it difficult for mining companies to remain financially competitive.

Marsh's Mining, Metals and Minerals Practice offers a variety of consultative services to help clients avoid, mitigate and transfer risk. These services include:

  • Mining Needs Analysis Checklist - a total package for risk management that combines needs analysis, risk assessment, and marketing submissions;
  • Risk Information - a Web-based incident tracking and workers compensation reporting system designed to tie multiple mining locations together with one database;
  • Environmental Consulting Services - a worldwide network of environmental specialists, including consultants that offer assessment of asbestos, lead, silica, and chemical contamination; and
  • Workforce Consulting - a specialty practice that develops strategies for managing a workforce, including diagnostics, absence management, behavioral sciences, and ergonomics.
Risk Consulting and Loss Control

Marsh's Risk Consulting engineers include experienced, knowledgeable experts who understand both market demands and industry issues. Our boiler and machinery specialists identify and address losses related to the mining sector with the following services:

  • Risk engineering services;
  • Health and safety assessment;
  • Workers compensation audits;
  • Integrated disability management;
  • Fleet (automobile/machinery) control;
  • Environmental evaluation;
  • Disaster planning; and
  • Thermal and acoustic risk management

Marsh's risk management professionals can help mining clients secure the best coverage, rates, and terms available, and offer services that include comprehensive due diligence studies; actuarial services; surety bonds and financial guarantees; and alternative risk financing programs.

With specialists in offices in North America, South America, Europe, South Africa, Asia, and Australia, Marsh's Mining, Metals and Minerals Practice responds to clients' risk needs by providing industry-leading benchmarking services, resources, and knowledge culled from active involvement in mining industry associations.

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Webcast: Managing Risks in the Mining, Minerals, and Metals Industry Across the Enterprise (Replay)
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Webcast: Managing Risks in the Mining, Minerals, and Metals Industry Across the Enterprise (Replay)
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An Integrated Approach to Controlling Workers' Compensation Costs
Employers can help to minimize workers’ compensation risk by improving their hiring processes, safety programs and procedures, and claims management.  >>
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Mining Practice Industry Risk Challenges and Solutions
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Mining Practice Industry Risk Challenges and Solutions
This document outlines the risks and challenges facing Mining companies in the short to medium term.  >>
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CS STARS LLC supports comprehensive risk management, enterprise risk management and compliance and safety management.   >>
Marine Cargo: Mining, Metals, and Minerals
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Marine Cargo: Mining, Metals, and Minerals
We collaborate with our Mining, Metals & Minerals colleagues to provide marine cargo expertise and solutions.  >>
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