Staying competitive in the dynamic world of fisheries requires a risk management advisor with a sophisticated understanding of your business.


With continuous industry changes, there are new risks that need to be identified, quantified, managed, and either retained or transferred. Marsh's Fisheries Industry Practice provides fish farming services covering fish mortality, hull, and cargo covers.

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Our Aquaculture and Fisheries Expertise
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Our Aquaculture and Fisheries Expertise
The aquaculture and fisheries industry is one of the world's fastest growing new industries. By capitalising on market expansion in areas such as offshore engineering and installat...  >>
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CS STARS LLC supports comprehensive risk management, enterprise risk management and compliance and safety management.   >>
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April 27, 2011  |  Views: 10460
First-Quarter Insurance Rate Increases Confined to Loss-Affected Exposures: Marsh
Global Insurance Markets Under Pressure as Atlantic Hurricane Season Approaches Despite record level first-quarter catastrophe losses, insurance rate increases were confined to lo...  >>

Ernest Marcoux
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Halifax NS Canada
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