Marsh provides consultative advice, brokerage, and claims advocacy services through the dedicated industry practices below. Our professionals apply their experience and working knowledge of clients' industry sectors, and of the unique environments in which they operate, to facilitate the requisite breadth of coverage and to reduce cost of risk.

Marsh's Agriculture Industry Practice provides advisory and transactional services to dairy, feed/seed/grain, horticulture (including greenhouse growers of edible and non-edible produce), poultry and egg producers, and red meat producers.  >>
In the aviation industry, air passenger traffic remains strong, and airlines are re-equipping their fleets, which means increasing insurance coverage to protect the higher values of new aircraft. In the aerospace field, creativity in the management of risk is crucial to meeting this industry's challenges.  >>
Over the past several years, the chemical industry has gone through a remarkable transformation. The need for product innovation and market leadership has increased. And, the dramatic economic expansion in emerging countries, high volatility of feedstock, ongoing portfolio restructuring, and constant pressure from regulators have also significantly affected the industry.  >>
Marsh's Communications, Media & Technology (CMT) Practice provides each client with global and national expertise that helps them meet their risk challenges.  >>
Marsh is the only leading broker and risk advisor that can support a company and its construction projects from project inception to project completion and beyond. We offer solutions to meet the specific challenges of every project participant by providing a complete set of services to assist organizations throughout the project risk management process. Marsh's Design Industry Practice, compris...  >>
Higher education institutions find themselves contending with an array of challenging circumstances. Rising operational costs, safety and security concerns, decreases in federal funding and research sponsorships, employment practices liability, and other exposures common to colleges and universities can seriously affect an institution's reputation, profitability, and competitiveness if they are no...  >>
The energy industry has never been more central on the world stage. Fundamental shifts of ownership, wealth, risk, and commodity price are being driven by the imbalance between global supply and demand. Amidst this turbulent environment, emerge new risks and opportunities.  >>
The entertainment industry continues to push the creativity envelope with spectacular productions and special events. These new, more challenging endeavors, however, usher in new risks that must be managed in order to be successful.  >>
The global credit crisis, regulatory changes, and massive government intervention are but three of the factors that have significantly altered the landscape of the financial institutions (FI) industry. It is against this backdrop that risk and capital management have moved to the forefront of virtually every corporate agenda.  >>
Marsh's Fisheries Industry Practice provides fish farming services covering fish mortality, hull, and cargo covers.  >>
Successfully managing the unique risk profile of the forest products industry is critical to providing a competitive advantage in a global marketplace.The Forest Products Industry Practice of Marsh blends insight and experience with innovative thinking to provide solutions that create real economic value for clients. These clients benefit from Marsh's extensive network of contacts and relationship...  >>
Today, more than ever, health care providers need a strategic partner with an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the health care industry.  Marsh's HealthCare practice has insurance, financial and health care professionals dedicated to solving the problems associated with risk for all types of health care providers.  >>
Every day, the hospitality & gaming industry faces a new and growing world of risk. While travel and dining remain popular public pursuits, demand and consumer expectations have continued to expand with rapidly shifting demographics and the evolution of a global marketplace. Today's challenges not only include dealing with economic uncertainty and the correlating rising costs of doing business...  >>
Infrastructure investments often involve complex, large, and long-term undertakings. The risks inherent to the sector can be challenging and have far-reaching consequences for every stakeholder throughout the asset lifecycle. If risk is not managed effectively, it can result in a multitude of consequences:  Construction projects can be delayed, reputations can be sullied, and cash flows inter...  >>
The 20th century marked a period of astonishing breakthroughs in life sciences, including medical and scientific advances that benefit all of humanity. The 21st century may prove to be just as extraordinary, with new innovations and discoveries emerging from labs and research centers every day.  >>
The manufacturing industry, like others, has experienced a series of very challenging developments in 2008 and 2009. The global recession, coupled with a drop in business and consumer spending, has caused a dramatic slowdown in demand for manufactured goods. In addition, manufacturers face a credit crisis and a spike in energy costs, which they may not be able to pass on to consumers. Adding to th...  >>
Marsh's Marine Practice is a leading advisor to the maritime industry on risk and insurance issues. With almost 600 dedicated professionals worldwide, the Marine Practice places approximately US$3 billion in insurance premiums into marine markets globally.  >>
Mining is a diverse and complex industry of vital importance to the economy. As a high hazard industry, casualty risks are inherent, but mining companies must also contend with new challenges such as an industrywide decline in financial solvency, consolidation, and an aging workforce. In addition, industry-specific risks such as environmental and reclamation bonding make it difficult for mining co...  >>
Marsh's Power and Utilities Practice provides industry consultation and risk management services for gas, water, electric, and nuclear utilities, and the independent power industry worldwide. We specialize in identifying events, issues, trends, and regulations that impact the management of utility risk, and the ability of the organization to compete profitably.   >>
Public entities face a new world of risk today. Emerging threats such as terrorism and schoolroom violence have added yet another dimension to the already unique challenges that public entities deal with day in and day out. As such, public entities need a trusted advisor with the resources and in-depth knowledge of the business of government to provide customized, cost-effective solutions designed...  >>
Real estate owners, managers, and developers operate in a dynamic industry in which everyday "bricks and mortar" risks such as natural hazards co-exist with more complex challenges, including environmental liabilities, partnership and contractual obligations, and stricter lending requirements. The ever-changing nature of the industry is bound to spawn new risks that must be dealt with.  >>
Retailing is one of the world's largest industries. As retailing and wholesaling have become more global, competition has intensified. In addition to the global economic downturn, today's retailers face a wide range of challenges, including industry consolidation, employee attraction and retention, and business continuity. And as always, consumers are demanding ever-higher quality — at ever-...  >>
In the sports industry, the rules of play change constantly. Sports organizations must deal with an ever-evolving array of challenges such as venue security, the increasing frequency of litigation, and star players becoming entangled in third-party suits. These risks can threaten organizations' ability to compete in this dynamic and high-profile marketplace.  >>
Transportation affects nearly every enterprise around the world. Transportation exposures, however, can present significant financial and operational challenges to firms in this industry. Rising fuel costs, employee shortage and retention issues, credit risks, marketplace competition — these and other exposures can have a severe impact on a company's bottom line and impede its overall succes...  >>